Akron Injury Attorney

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Akron Injury Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney Akron
You didn’t plan on getting in an auto accident, but it happened.
No sane person wakes up in the morning, pours their coffee and declares, “You know, I think I just might get in a car accident today!” Accidents are, by their very nature, unexpected. One cannot anticipate nor avoid them. And they are, without a doubt, an undeniable part of our everyday, always on the go lives. Unfortunately, when those accidents involve 4000 lbs of colliding fiberglass and metal, property will get damaged. Worse, there’s a good chance at least one person will wind up hurt.

That’s where we, the Akron auto accident lawyers at the Eshelman Legal Group come in. If you or a loved one have been injured in a auto accident, you have the right to file a claim. For a free auto accident consultation, contact our Ohio car accident attorneys today.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you’ll likely have questions that only an experienced Akron auto accident lawyer can answer–questions like: What if the driver at fault doesn’t have insurance? How much is a serious injury worth? Or, how much time do I have to file a lawsuit? In addition, there will be a myriad of complex legal rules to consider–rules that only an experienced lawyer can navigate. Our personal injury team will investigate and evaluate your case with the utmost care, diligently guide you through the legal process and, above all, fiercely protect your rights. We can even provide guidance with finding appropriate medical care and ensuring you don’t pay for that care until your case is resolved.

Don’t go this alone. You don’t have to. Protect yourself and your rights. The initial consultation at the Eshelman Legal Group is always free, and our Akron auto accident lawyers don’t get paid until you do. So, don’t let monetary considerations stop you from getting the support you need. Focus on healing and let our dedicated, experienced staff do all the work.”We’ll Make Things Right”


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