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If you’ve been seriously injured in a car or truck accident you need a law firm experienced with handling high-dollar car and truck accident cases called a Henry Dailey law firm right now.  

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Henry C. Dailey Jr. was born, raised and educated in central Alabama. He attended and graduated from the University of Alabama where he obtained a BS. degree in business administration in 1984. He then attended and graduated from Samford University Cumberland School of Law in 1987.

Passing the Alabama State Bar in 1987, he began The Henry C. Dailey Law Firm, representing injured victims, in their fight against negligent and careless individuals and corporations who cause harm to the people of Alabama, and has continually done so for nearly 30 years.

Birmingham Injury Lawyer | 205-732-7000  |  Alabama

Throughout his distinguished career as a trial attorney, he has been consistently ranked as preeminent in his field, continuously receiving the highest possible ratings for ethics and legal ability from his peers of fellow lawyers and judges in the legal community. He has successfully represented thousands of victims and recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Henry C. Dailey is experienced, aggressive, compassionate and provides a proven track record of success and is therefore uniquely qualified to help you with your claim.

Birmingham Injury Lawyer | 205-732-7000  |  Alabama

Why Choose Henry?

Henry C. Dailey Jr., has handled injury cases since 1987. He is aggressive when it comes to pursuing the negligent parties that caused your catastrophic injuries, but the firm recognizes that you are the victim and you deserve to be treated with respect and care.

Dedicated Birmingham Truck and Car Accident Attorney

Aggressive Legal Strategies

We don’t back down until we get the best results we can for you!

NO CHARGE if we cannot recover for you

Henry C. Dailey Jr., PC.

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