Unreasonable Unfair and Deceptive Bad Faith Insurance tricks State Farm Uses to Cheat on Claims

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State Farm and other insurance companies use intimidation tactics which are unethical and deceptive to cheat their own customers through Bad Faith by delaying a reasonable investigation or…


fukinsurance says:
emoneyblue says:

I just found out the hard way! STATE FARM SCREWED ME OVER!!! and I had them
with full coverage for years and I never filed a CLAIM in my life. It is
true STATE FARM SUCKS !!!!! I had an small accident and they said they
fixed my car after 4 days but all they did was only the body and paint!
but the (rack in pinion) was not fixed !!! $$$$$ They made me prove that
the rack in pinion was damaged in the accident through a 3rd party (out of
my pocket) and mind you that this happened while I was out of state and all
they covered was 80% of the rental (not the insurance) and $500 for
expenses for over 3 weeks while my car was getting repaired. They SUCK!!
this man speaks the truth… Get another company because they do us

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