Straight Line and Declining Balance Method (Financial Accounting Tutorial #58)

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The straight line method and declining balance methods are covered in this tutorial for determining depreciation expense. You’ll need to find out the capitalized cost, the salvage value and…


Rembrant Van Ryn says:

no its units of activity, 06:10

Mason Cusack says:

Fantastic tutorial. I was before told to use the formula 1-(nroot of
residual value/cost), and couldn’t get it to work, but your method gave me
the right answer and cleared a big issue up in minutes. Thanks very much!

Sharon Rayder says:

how come these people can’t just get to the methods and show the methods
without all the uneccessary comments. 

Renee Quirk says:

Your tutorials are so helpful! Thanks!

Bondon Vancouver says:

i have a different method in my book its 3 steps
1- straight line rate = 100%/useful life
2- double decline balance rate= 2*straight line rate
3-depreciation expense= double decline balance * beginning period book value

is it the same ?


How about a video explaining half year convention for the same example?

Rachael Neel says:

Thanks so much for this! you’ve helped me so much for my Financial
accounting class. I will surely be back when I take managerial

ezra james says:

Sir, can you explain to me how to do sum of the year’s digit (SYD)

Corban Matthew Villavert says:

Thank you for your lessons, it sure helped me a lot.

zi yang lim says:

Can you do one on Share Based Payments!

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