Are Gold & Silver still good investments

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Are Gold & Silver still good investments.

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Ernie Varitimos says:

The only way your land will go up in value (not price) is if you improve
the property, or someone improves the area around your property making its
value increase due to proximity. Of course it must be assumed, and in fact
be the case, that the improvements increase the demand for the property,
otherwise it will be effort and money thrown down the drain. Someone sold
you the property for a reason; maybe they needed the money, or maybe they
felt the perceived value you had on the property was greater than their
own, otherwise they would have kept it, or perhaps they needed the capital
for superior investments.

Rawdogletard says:
Sopra Tutti says:

finally some thumbs-up, this is a hard minded choir you have RD.

Mathew Titus says:

Or, they could move their assets out to China – and let the US burn. And
when the fires are over, bring that capital back and buy everything at
dirtcheap prices.

Johnny Deep says:

Prices are up big in p.m. this late sunday.

Leo Lax says:

Technological progress is over. The 600 year old system is done. The end of
capitalism is here like Karl Marx predicted. We will come back to the past
but how we have so many people this time. Most people will die. We maybe
will have 500 million people left after this is over and then it will start
again. I wish you people spoke Russian and hear genius people speak about
the economy. They wont speak English and if they did the words cannot be
translated. Is like listening Shakespeare only in Russian. I wach allot of
Russian videos like that and after you come back to this uneducated
community is just no comparison.

Sidney Boudro says:

60 acres with deer droppings I hope there is venison on your table next
year. Make a video of your table then

limitedplay says:

Id think about buying if silver was under 10 an ounce.

9pt9 says:

Rawdog, Any predictions on which 2015 ATB’s are gonna due well?

francis mcdonnell says:

Hey raw dog did you use to work for silvertown

Troll Masters says:

Haven’t watched you can in a while crazy eyes… You do make a lot of
sense… Keep it up!

veriappelsiini says:


Do you do something with the land?
If you do, you might actually end up getting some residual income from the
land besides the possible rise in prices.
Keep in mind, land price may not rise for ever but if you have some other
income streams from the land you do not need to care much about the value
of that real estate.
Perhaps a sawmill can be your client…?

kcrone1 says:

LoL, Panama Orange is hilarious, he admits he’s still holding a huge
leveraged short position that is now down 70% and he’s do or die. NICE!!

gold maple says:

Here are my thoughts. There are upsides and downsides to everything. On
youtube, there are people who say stocks are a good investment. Its good if
you are constantly checking the price of your stock, buying and selling and
if you are in the financial market. However I am not in the financial
market like the average joe and I am not checking the price of stock every
second or every minute, so I if I actually buy stock, I am assuming more
risk than the guy who is constantly checking his stock. Any money earned
from stock is also taxed, which is the downside. You have to declare it by
law when you file your taxes. You can oneday be riding high and the next
minute riding low with no money in the bank. A stock dividend is ultimately
faith in the economy and companies are not seriously bumping up the price
of their dividends so really its not small time investors making money, its
CEOs and the executive boards of companies making the billions of dollars.
People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry
Page, Sergey Brin. Those are the guys making serious money not you. If I
invest in something, I want to be the top Kahuna. Its all or nothing. Play
hard and get all or most of the pie or go home or bankrupt. One thing I
will not settle for is being bankrupt or chump change and others telling
where I should invest my money.

ModerateFutures says:

the next 30 yrs will probably be like the last 30 yrs

Peter Olsen says:

Great video as always… dog please sub my account.. thanks man

francis mcdonnell says:

They elite will never let us have our day daytrader raw dog Maloney chris

yougottabekiddinmee says:

Rawdog, I think the people who are going to get a raise are the people in
China, India, Russia. The AIIB with all its applications is writing on the
wall. Rawdog, anybody can buy goods if their money is valuable. However,
there are only some countries who are making the goods. The world is fed up
with the dollar and with Israel, GB, France, Germany, Russia, China, South
Korea, and all the rest of our so called allies joining the new bank.

The ultra rich you are talking about are already re positioning. The only
ones that will be stuck with a worthless dollar will be the American

databaseexpert says:

Rawdog… make a video showing the deer on your newly acquired land! PEACE!

Lazar Otasevic says:

higher prices mean higher stock prices, so why dont you get stocks?

Kurt Mason says:

gold and silver are stupid investments. yes you can trade them, buy on the
lows sell on the rallies and make a little bit but those gains are nothing
compared to the money you could have made in the stock market or cash flow
investments like real estate. i just bought a home for 21,500, paid cash
for it. nothing fancy small one bedroom in northern ohio but it’s been all
updated and remodeled. still has a little work left like windows and siding
and a few other small updates. i’m going to put another 10k into it. then
i’ll have about 32k in it and it will be done, with noting left to do. like
my real estate buddy from cincinnati likes to say it will have a 20 year
overhaul. good for 20 years. i’lll live here a while longer, then i’ll buy
another one, rent this one out for 400 a month. i’ll collect that 400 month
after month after month after month, then in about 7 years this house will
have paid for itself and guess what? after that I’ll still have this house.
it will still be a productive asset. I’ll save my income and try to buy
another house in a couple years and keep on doing the same thing. My buddy
from Cincinnati owns hundreds of houses and I think he has a cash flow of
something like 20k per month on his houses. Like he says after you do a 20
year overhaul with new water heater, windows, siding roof there is very
little that goes wrong. the key is getting good renters. sit back and let
the money flow in. I wish I would have done this 20 years ago. I would have
been a multi millionaire today. that’s how you build wealth, through cash
flow investments, not a stupid shiny rock that sits there and does nothing
for you. gold is a good store of value, and insurance on your currency, but
to put your money into silver, stacking that shit up in your closet
thinking that when the economy collapses that you’ll be king with all your
silver is just fucking stupid. sorry there’s no other way to put it. if the
dollar does collapse the government will either reset the value of the
dollar or simply come up with a new currency but it will not be gold or

Doubil Troubil says:

gold and silver LOL…… had better sell it on its next run up or
your going to be holding sub $800 gold and sub 10$ silver. There are plenty
of signs pointing to MUCH lower prices ahead.

slhines7 says:

Good points and I’d put my chips in with your foresight. Things will more
than likely just continue to drag out for far longer than most would

dyno mike says:

My two favorite colors of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun

Brad Silverdog says:

i agree, the system will still be here in my lifetime but maybe not so in
my kids and grandkids time. The silver i have now will more then likely go
to my kids.

Chris Foye says:

Interesting point of view. I think what you’ve said makes a lot of sense
and you will more than likely be proven right in time

John Stuart says:

“It’s never as bad as you think or is good as you hope” -some dude
If we see a downturn in one economy, there is usually opportunity some
where else. Personally, I like ART!
Super labor intensive, way overpriced. Ok sure, but ask your self this
thing. Who else do you trust to BRING IT!!

Steve AU/AG says:

Much agreed. I’m hoping that health care doesn’t end up 100 percent
government controlled for good though. 

weelgunny says:

Zero interest rates with a dept this size is like having a blood count out
of whack and obese and if prolonged is probably fatal. Soon.

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