Creative Financing Strategy – Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

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Want to qualify for more home without stretching your budget? This creative financing strategy using the home mortgage interest rate deduction will help you to do just that. The Real Estate…


Trevor Clarke says:

thank you 

Kevin Hastings says:

Very creative. I’m definitely going to use this strategy for some of my

Anton Stetner says:

yes sir

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

That’s an interesting strategy. Homeowners as well as business owners
should take full advantage of as many tax deductions as they are qualified
to take.

Robert Brown says:

They would have to itemize and be higher than the standard deduction to do
this. So married filing jointly in 2012 is 11,900. They would have to have
a lot more deductions or they will save nothing by paying the mortgage
interest. To actually make that much they would have to already have
itemized deductions greater that 11900 so the 4536 is above and beyond that.

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