Chinese investments are nothing but hype and bluff – Pakistan media

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Dee pak says:


kanishq ruhil says:

Lets just look at the history of nations supported by china, which were
combodia during pol pot regime, Pakistan and north Korea

sanmrita says:

Expert seems to be thinking tea will be taken away,as in the mid sentence
he is gulping , Funny.

akash sharma says:

Free ki chai milli toh saala harmkhor piye hi jaa rha hai ‘ek boond bhi

Rajiv Bagga says:

Pakistan has signed so many MOUs not only with China but also with many
Arabian countries, etc. in the past. The amount must be totaling more than
100 billion dollars to say the least. What has happened to those MOUs and
the projects which were supposed to take off as a result of those MOUs. I
am sure nobody in Pakistan has the answer.
And now 46 billion dollar MOU with China !! I will not be surprised if the
MOUs signed yesterday will ever see the light of day and be executed. Even
if some of them come to fruition part of the money will end up in the
pockets of the corrupt politicians. How much, I will be very eager to know.
Of course, there will be a lot of political hue and cry. Non Punjabis will
cry foul and accuse Nawaz Sharif of favouring Punjab because many of these
projects will benefit Punjab.
Let us wait and watch………..

Sanatana Dharma says:

Pakistan is the combined anti-India front of America, China, and Saudi
Arabia. Pakistan would have collapsed by now had these three anti-India
countries not bankrolled Pakistan.

KICK Azzz says:

porki and china RANDI RANDI lolz thats the name they have come up for their
think tank…

Abhinav Singh says:

Volume behad low hai

Ravindra Singh Thakur says:

Chinese banking is notorious to be highly unethical and corruption-infested
. Moreover Chinese doles or loans or charities to underdeveloped countries
are in form of – use & throw items…or…”as is where is”
products…or…”no follow-through”basis.

Sridhar Kaushik says:

MOUs mean nothing. They only speak of an “intent”. Few of the MOUs with
China in the past have been transformed into ground realities.
Only time will tell if there is any serious “Intent” on the Pakistani part
or not.

silent listener says:

57 Islamic Countries – 1.5 Billion muslim Population – last 200 Years –
Show me a single Scientist/ Invention/ Discovery. These PORNISTAN People
Built Nuke-Tech. Its upto You to believe. I’m not a fool.

Anshul Sharma says:

Poor Audio. Please check into it. Also check Indian kids at “SPELLING BEE”

Hammad Hussain says:

watch aapas ki baat 26 april 2015

ChanguMangu says:

Kya bakwas news hai ye pakistan nme. Ek bolne keliye aya he , chai pee ja
raha hai. Ek sentence bolta hai to uska gaand kaha hai,mund kaha hain kuchh
pata hin chalta.

Big Bo says:

Lagta hai bahot pyasa aya hoga ghar se , Sayad biwi ne chai bana ke nahi
di hogi…..

Under Test says:

Hahahahahha… o bhai suduk suduk chai pee raha hai beech beech mei aur
bechara host muh taak raha hai…..
Bade unprofessional hai yarr ye… hahahahahhahahahahahahahaa

Mumbhai Khatri says:

What garbage are these guys talking about ?

yparadkar says:

China President – AAO MAAO CHAOO jaldise Prokistanse satak jao agar
Pichvade Bom phatgay to kaha china our kaha chicken chaoo maoo

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