Raja Explains Banking Fraud To Paula Gloria

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Raja Explains Banking Fraud To Paula Gloria. Recorded Dec 17th 2011.


Mohamad Razif says:
Homer J Simpson says:

Seriously Paula, cancer is soo fat off topic

Homer J Simpson says:

I wish this woman would just retire already. Paula…..please.

Homer J Simpson says:

Paula is like a child that wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to
know what’s going on.

Homer J Simpson says:

lady stop speculating before hearing their explaination.

Homer J Simpson says:

Paula! Stop interrupting your guests it’s rude and counter-productive.

Homer J Simpson says:

this woman is THE worst interviewer EVER. It’s unfortunate because this
shows topics and guests need to be heard.

SNEEZY67 says:

A down to earth, no b.s you are there interview. Thank you all.

EmoneyMaker28 says:

wow, crazy.

EmoneyMaker28 says:

I want to walk and shake these guys hands. Really.

rockshot100 says:

Wonderful Bo!!! Thanks for posting!

paulagloria says:

thank you for re-posting this….youtube is really giving me a bad time
these days…chopping off subscribers, restricting me for copyright even
though all is my own work…and so on

whitefly2 says:

Why do you talk like a spaced out hippie..

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