Midnite-Banking In The Pig

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Bank In The Pig! :D .


jutair sz says:

Midnite-Banking In The Pig: https://youtu.be/0jFalUHY1Bk

jutair sz says:

Midnite-Banking In The Pig: https://youtu.be/0jFalUHY1Bk

Jutair Szt says:

Midnite-Banking In The Pig: https://youtu.be/0jFalUHY1Bk

El Commandante says:

+Panic Doll Now its 9 persons banking in the pig

Narikeljinjira says:

the final battle, day of judgement is near. 

Kekoye Mane says:

good ches bless love

Panic Doll says:

4 Persons are banking in the pig.

Miguel Corleone says:

yo guys what do guys think midnite mean when he says: Lion devour but the
lamb decipher ??? im trying to figure it out…..

Sha0lin01 says:

Who are these four?

konitong says:

jahjah live but this song does remind me off sessmie street lol for real
can someone tell me how too get there wow lol

gesus44 says:

Every little thing dem dissect Eat bad food you must die- die sick

hongkongfooyHAZE says:

….wow. thanks man. that was like a cool breeze blowin through my mind.
some real clarity. thanks again. its the quotes from the bible that threw
me off. i understand.

EmpressDinah12 says:

This is wat call real conscious and songs of enlightenment….. Wakes u up
from the mental slavery…. Jah bless i love u Midnite band…

rodrigoulart33 says:

ohhh mannn its sooo gooood

Aatifah says:

@LetiChance he wrapped up in a bun first, it’s call bobo dread if i’m not

Hall A Fame Ballers says:

why dem love the swine?… banking in the filthiest thing!!!… calling man
the sons of ham and man color pigmentation … wake up people, be aware!!!

WorldMan says:

this is real music. so poetic. such a melody. anyone can enjoy this
anytime. midnite message spreading like the taste of sugar.

brasilraiatea says:

Banking in the pig Banking in the filthiest thing And then they call I man
the sons of Ham And call man color pigmentation Man thief money and he’s a
swindler Why them love the swine Couldn’t be no simpler Piggy bank is a
psychological thing Implication is only the filthy rich win See how them
teaching the youth to play Cookie monster making a mess everyday Bugs Bunny
is a transvestite I say Yosemite Sam pull his gun, when he can’t get his

puroglamour11 says:

Da hora!

senseipils says:

i think the first:you must decipher and then devour…!!??…but banking in
the pig is very filthy thing because they banking from their filthy thing
and habit…..its my opinion and sorry for my english….jah forever

nazarene1 says:

@imperativeduty Yes, you’re saying the same thing I am saying. I said it
was balance of both. The lion will mess with you if you mess with it. But
its true nature is that of the lamb – humble and meek. When it’s ready to
roar, it will roar though. Get the lion vex – God’s wrath(Judgment). Lamb-
soft. Being both. Re-read my previous comments.

fred n says:

Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive
and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. It
is simply a way of life, pure and original as was given by the Most High.
Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe and
each other. As the essence of our existence it embodies our culture, true
identity, nationhood and destiny.

1nalawest says:

wow! thats 5 stars there…

keusti says:

Midnite !!!!!!!!! Spreading Jah love………… one of my favorite tune of
dem…. thanx for uploading (you’re spreading too) peace


Just enjoy the music for heavens sake! :D


This and kings bell my favorite albums by far.

DestroyerOfEvil247 says:


fred n says:

Rasta is not religion, Selassie said himself, “The temple of the most high
begins with the human body, which houses our life, essence of our
existence. Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality
through Religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors. We must stop
confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules,
regulations and rituals created by humans which were supposed to help
people grow spiritually.

imperativeduty says:

@likklebway uhhh sure rasta isn’t a religion… where do you get these
ideas? you cant be rastafarian and hold loyalty to the nation of Islam or
some other religion Rastafarianism is a religion period don’t even try to
say it isn’t.

Mnmsyum says:

“and den dey call i man the sons of Ham, and call man color Pigmentation”

PG1986ko says:

great !love the intro,the whole album is raw roots music.

nazarene1 says:

@megueleto The lion can be a vicious animal; mess with him he might just
devour you. But the lamb is of a different nature. He’s more inclined to
decipher. To figure out the truth, you have to be as the lamb – calm.
Balancing the storm with the calm. It’s very similar to being ‘wise as a
serpent(very concious/watchful/aware), but harmless as a dove.’ Balance
toughness(of God/Truth/Judgment) with softness(tenderness/mercy/love). Get
the lion vex – God’s wrath(Judgment). Lamb- soft. Being both.

aceridgey says:

yes people, lots of love for roots concious reggae! :D

Afryka Callin says:


1nalawest says:

loved it!

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