The Federal Reserve Bank Conspiracy Explained – Century of Enslavement // Top Documentary Films

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The Federal Reserve Bank Conspiracy Explained – Century of Enslavement // Top Documentary Films. The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve, and informally as the Fed) is…


Bitcoin says:

where money comes from

Daisy Cypress Tulipgarden says:

Love is the answer. 

Oscar Radikoro says:

The American people are Powerless mutes!

David J Gill says:

Without the leadership of those who are vilified in this video the USA
would not exist.

The Bank of England allowed Great Britain to raise a navy to command the
seas, it built an empire and prevailed in its longstanding conflict with
France. France unable to manage it’s finances or raiser funds due to its
poor reputation for repayment was forced to call the Estates General into
session precipitating the French Revolution.

Amsterdam was the of European banking and Dutch bankers and the Dutch
Republic had developed advanced methods of financial management. These
invasions came to England with the Dutch invasion of England lead by
William and Mary.

Hamilton was a genius of finance and economics without whose rare expertise
the USA as a new nation might have failed or been hobbled with economic
stagnation. The prosperous nation that grew over the next two centuries is
due in part of Hamilton’s expertise and in spite of the incompetence of
Jefferson and those opposed to the bank.

Why is debt good, why was Hancock right, why was Hamilton right? Debt is
good because credit is needed. Without a debt and establishing a credit
rating the nation would not have been able to fund the new govt of 1789.
And borrowing money was absolutely necessary. If Adams had not obtained
loans in Holland and Franklin failed to gain financial support from France
the Amer can Revolution would have failed.
Hamilton’s brilliant management of the debt and his ability to negotiate
with Dutch bankers earned the nation an ability to raise funds in Amsterdam
at very low rates. Hamilton was highly respected in Amsterdam giving
Hamilton the ability to frequently delay repayment and alter terms as
needed. Other nations…ancient nations of Europe did not have this ability
to do this. Pres. Washington had the skill to analyze issues he know little
about and ultimately make the right decision…thus he supported Hamilton.

Hamilton is the hero of this story, Jefferson is the fool. The bank was
good and much needed. When the bank lost its charter the nations economy
suffered and the govts ability to manage its finances was compromised. It
would be another of America’s greatest leaders, Lincoln, who would be
forced to reconstitute a national banking system to fund the Union during
the Civil War . This time the financial genius was Treasury Sec Salmon
Chase and money was a major reason why the North prevailed and the South

In the end everything is about money.

Kuziai says:

This is the Castle of Illuminati

seoulkidd1 says:

A Centetal Banking system is oppressive it overpowers a country and devours
it like an virus.

lolademo says:

In the end it will be the monster that will eat itself, but not before
everything else is devoured.

Gregory Newman says:

Satan and the Fallen angels and the people they control worldwide
eventually will in a time of create a system where a Person cannot buy or
sell unless they have the Name ,number, mark ,RFID chip ect on or in their
body and surrender themselves to the leadership of a world wide Government.
This will be done at a time when a great series of disasters strike
the World some think a rumored Asteroid strike said to Occur in September
24 2015 is this disaster Satan Moves the worldwide Politicians he controls
to get the “New World Order” empowered to bring all the nations under his
control through the Antichrist. the false Prophet a religious miracle
working person will try to get people to accept the new wealth control
system. Many will remember that the new testament book of revelation warned
people that God is against and will punish anyone who takes the name,
number, or mark of the beast. Many People world wide will will resist this
system the system will persecute and kill millions of People who resist.
The lord Jesus Christ will return and totally destroy this System The
Antichrist and False Prophet will be thrown int the lake of Fire. Their
Human followers and those who toke the mark ,Name, or number of the beast
will be executed. Satan will be thrown into the bottomless pit. the best
things I can tell a Person to do is to Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to
save you and repent of sinning because all hell is about to break out When
the New world Order comes to power from a world wide disaster scenario with
Antichrist it’s Leader under Satan’s control.

Nancy Henriksen says:

Thank you.

John Helm says:

I think we need to boycott Wal-Mart and if you shop only buy what you
absolutely need stop buying Christmas presents give gifts you handmade and
tell everyone you talk to four more than 5 minutes to do same.

Russell Brand Trews Extra says:

absolutely brilliant early morning telly,loved it 

Titus Adeodatus says:

This documentary is not bad for spreading awareness about the FED and money
supply in general. But the conclusion is where I can’t follow.
Let’s say you get what you want that desperately “the FED being
nationalized; not private”. What will change ? Surly a little. But what
will really change in regard to the real issues you don’t ever dare to
speak about like extreme poverty, automatization, generalized wild spread
unemployment ? What will change when the government will print money
instead of private banks ? ZERO ! For most people absolutely nothing ! Your
are still poor and unemployed, and your future is still dying, just as you
are, and you kids if you have some. Can’t you understand that ?
The only real solution, with the ever decreasing amount of labor over the
last century (and this is only the start), is a resource based economy, as
defined by the Zeitgeist movement, TZM. That will increase the live
standard of very human on earth, to its highest possible degree. The rest
is doing the same as before. You point it out yourself. It was and will be
doomed. Don’t believe me, look at your own documentary; you point it out
quit adequately yourself.
Only moving away from money and the monetary system will save humanity. Not
reforming or rebuilding something that can’t and will not work. 

David R Register says:

The Federal Reserve Bank Conspiracy Explained.

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