How the Ruling Banking Elite Control the World

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All facts in this movie have been independently confirmed. Sources are documented at History will repeat itself as long as these bankers and their corrupt politicians…

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Sushil Balakrishana says:

How the Ruling Banking Elite Control the World:

Atalante Runs says:
Atalante Runs says:
Anthony Townsend says:

The family this guy comes from I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw

Avery Williams says:

Time we wake up.

Psy0psAgent says:

starting at 4:11 coincidentally is some real layered info

Cathy Krafft says:

This shit is possible only because we allow it. Solution: Equal

mlovesTx says:

These gangsters have got to be stopped.

Captain Squareyez says:

kill the bankers dogs

chotaboy66 says:

The value of your money is lowering not because the banks are printing more
because their merely loaning back the same money they steal from us in the
first place , The reason the dollar is devaluing is because the banks
falsify a debt to themselves for starters stealing principal then charge
interest that TERMINALLY depletes circulation that only ever consists of
some principal at most. The real facts are MATHEMATICALLY PERFECTED ECONOMY
proof of solution that not even Catherine can disprove.

Candice Bella says:

They have used us as the scape goat, just like Hitler did in oder to
acheive their NWO! These people infiltrated America long ago and they are
still here to set up their evil empire. They have been playing this same
game throughout history….usary, lies, theivary and genocide!

curiouscrutiny says:

they will never give up this power without blood…take a look around

Grant Hendrix says:

fuck this i want to mine bitcoins and litecoins

urwholefamilydied son says:

Jesus christ… the new age bullshit production at 4:22 is killing me. And
killing this otherwise great production. Free market capitalism isn’t some
voodoo new age shit. It’s very real and you don’t need aura’s and shit to
explain it.

stezo413 says:

I think the reason this generation people are the (fall guy) is because we
dont have foundation in protest, or revolution, The idea of a big change
made by the people are made to be no concern for the young generation,
Technology is the (beer goggles) that help us not care how ugly the future
is. keep your i phone close to you, and you shal feel safe in the darkest
of times.

NoNORADon911 says:

Most (90%?) don’t care…sad

ScorpiusIncorruptus says:

God, this is al SO obvious.

Christopher Scott Campbell says:

Great Video… Thanks

Anthony Townsend says:

I always find it irritating and I refuse to give it my attention, when
people “pretend” with gestures that there is a real object present, when
everyone knows it is a superimposed image. There is absolutely no need for
this pretense at all in my opinion. As with weather presenters who look and
point at what is to them a blank screen.

ScorpiusIncorruptus says:

PArt 2, part 2!

dan32749 says:

It’s only a matter of time now they have been exposed to much they will go
to jail soon!!!

ScorpiusIncorruptus says:

Lloyd Blankfein looks like a mouse. He wasn’t born human is all I’m sayin’.

2learneasy says:

lol blah blah blah…. stop using the banks u fucking gimps

Randy Krafft says:

This is a great video but, not the first to expose the monetary system for
the sham that it is… People – it’s time to WAKE UP! There IS an
ALTERNATIVE! Where ALL will be guaranteed a dignified Life. Investigate

MarlenLife says:

An Equal Money System will stop any fictional stories created to abuse life
that is hear without any pricetag. Equalmoney . org -Become part of the
voices that speak about the reality that is here and that we must take self
responsibility for.

Adrian Blackburn says:

cool video exposing the deception of the current money system the equal
money system will stop this – visit equalmoneydotorg for more info

Anton Fernando says:

wonderful video, now lets talk about solutions: investigate Equal Money

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