Xero Touch: The mobile app for Xero accounting software

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Xero Touch is the mobile app for Xero accounting software. It’s a great way for small business owners who are always on the move to manage their finances. Bank reconciliation, checking account…


Ben Duncan says:

0:09 Is that Rick Rubin?

HuckleB680 says:

The only reason i didn’t skip this ad is because of how hot she is

violet qween says:

Very nice

TheJenMorE says:

thats me.. playing #rihanna double :-) lol lol

fullmetal891 says:

I was liking this add until she said she handles her bussiness with “zero
touch” :( 

Im x Joe says:

Can she handle my pipes? If you know what I mean?

Because she said celebrity clientele but like. im not famouse I just have
some clogged pipes that need fixing 

Gordon LaFleur says:

Great software. Serious rival to Quickbooks

supernewuser says:

The look on the grungy celebrity’s face is ‘wait so is zero touch a

Dylan Skinner says:

haha wow this is a politically correct leftist’s wet dream of a commerical

Rey Laygo says:

LOLOLOL This commercial is hilarious! My job is fixing peoples pipes,
celebrity clientele mostly. They have needs, I solve problems….and that’s
why I handle my business w/ Xero Touch http://youtu.be/p-TAx23Gz_Q

Chineseclass Jupiter says:

If you look closely she is pregnant ! four or five month pregnancy. 

Michael Adams says:

Xero Touch – Download and try it while you have your morning coffee.

slowpoke96z28 says:

What’s up with sleepy guy at 0:36 though lol??

Xero Accounting Software says:

Reconciling your business bank account from your van: Xero Touch, the
mobile app for your accounting. ^OG #xerotouch #smallbizz

Roxxxxxxxbottttter says:

Is Smooth McGroove doing the theme song?

redbugbluebug says:

either “poo pourri” commercial copied these guys or its the other way
around either way these two commercials are identical in nature

RightAsRainBaker says:

WOW! It’s Ted Nugget!!! When did he stop shaving? :D 

niggergotswag says:

1:26 That accountant’s tablet isn’t even on.

You two-faced liar

ednakazuya12 says:

Is that you Lauren? :51

Paul Correia says:

Haha just read the comments bellow me. They def. didn’t get paid to leave
those comments. *sarcasm*.

Like that women would ever have that profession. 

Ryan Smith says:

she is using the pipe wrench backwards at the start of this video.

Elinore Eaton says:

I watched this commercial all the way through, then looked for it so I
could comment. I love the role equality going on here, and lots of clever
tidbits. Great job!

chltmdwp says:

She’s hot

Louis Geoghagan says:

she uses her value to get her a home they break it even in too three ways

Sterling Redwine says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Shawn Richards says:

I won’t lie, I actually chuckled when I saw this. And I NEVER watch ads.

Danny Yasuo says:

Usually I don’t watch any ads and skip straight to my youtube video, but
this one I watched all the way through. Pretty anti-stereotypical and
demonstrated features of product well. Good job on the ad, Xero!

James C. Chambers CPA PC says:

Don’t have time to run your business from a desktop? With Xero Touch you
don’t have to!

humblejumpify says:

I heard she can clean it!! But how much tho??

Louis Geoghagan says:

pay for the house break the rest into three some for mom and roy like
20000 like they stated out with some for me and some for my sister kids as
all even because we are all even or equal and if it was 150000 each party
would be outstanding everyone would get a happy ending and great new life

Leonard Jones says:

Xero Touch

Clap Forboobies says:

My pipes need clearing, baby. You always have your tools, right? 

Louis Geoghagan says:

last year I hope family sells we been here two yrs raised the value

Eddie Adolf says:

Very well done campaign!

Louis Geoghagan says:

because I want son to hav a better legacy then me and all these lies

Leonard Jones says:

Xero Touch

Louis Geoghagan says:

I did my job and I hope mom comes home they say yes

idfection says:

I love the equality shown in this ad.

A lot. Keep it up.

Louis Geoghagan says:

and then take that little sum and say ok and show the world and everyone
you here wrong but would love to be more firm because as the videos and
everything great with kids but not ready to be a dad just yet and needed
and I pray that is what happens

stoabys rizzle says:

Share price also in the clouds

Louis Geoghagan says:

because then I would be a dad one day

Louis Geoghagan says:

as cleaning he data fixing everything just realize this last time I can
look at this home see a home no more with so much pain

Morgan Zerwick says:

Manage your business finances on the go from your smartphone or tablet with
Xero Touch. Get in touch with us to find out how it can work for you.

Whitehead & Aldrich Chartered Accountants says:

Reconciling your business bank account from your van: Xero Touch, the
mobile app for your accounting. ^OG #xerotouch #smallbizz

Louis Geoghagan says:

I would put a little sum into nescrow and when I got between 35 and 40

The StoryTelling BeanCounter says:

Xero Touch makes it so easy to do business anytime, anywhere. Oh, so good!
I fell like Charles Green in the video. But you can call me +The
StoryTelling BeanCounter 

TheFactorZH says:

Is this ment to sound incredibly sexual ?

Mindful Accounting and Finance Western Australia says:

Get mobile with Xero

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