Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2014

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Waste of money, waste of time. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Worst Games of 2014. If you were expecting titles like Destiny or Assassin’s Creed: Unity…

Comments says:

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CT Center says:

Here is some to look at ( sorry if any where made )
10 top movie dogs
10 top best graphic games
10 top creators
10 top game engines
10 top most famous games
10 top most hated games
10 top best games made into a movie
10 top best movies made into a game
10 top most gore games
10 top violent games
10 top weirdest games
10 top youtubers that don’t deserve enough recognition that they should
10 top youtube who do top videos
This is my part 1 and thank you for trying one of these out and sorry if
you already did one of these :) 

ProtoMario says:

Even though Rambo is shit, I gotta say Sonic was worse. It made a mistake
once and didn’t learn.

Troys R Us says:

2014 will forever be known as the year when the quality of Video Games went
down the shitter. 

Procrastinator Adrian says:

I was expecting to see GTA V to be in this list. That shit is terrible. 

Kaleo Mungin says:

*Sees Sonic Boom on #2*

There is NO way there is a worse game than Sanick Bum.

*Sees Rambo*
Nope,I was wrong.

Jamestech says:

Can we all agree that Spiderman 2 (2004) was the best spiderman game ever,
theres so much memories with that game from the missions to even just the
music and the shit random citizens say in the game and lets not forget how
good web swinging was, i mean web swinging in that game actually looked
real like the webs actually hit buildings and shit, other spiderman games
dont even do that, they just shoot webs in the sky and bam their swinging,
anyway im proud to say it was my first ever ps2 game

DeiSakuChris says:

My god, the hipster cancer in the comments is real.
Anybody saying FNaF is bad truly doesn’t know what a bad game is and is
blinded / biased by the popularity it got, and you can clearly see that the
people saying it’s shit didn’t have played, because they say it rely on
jumpscares but anybody who played it know that the atmosphere is what truly
make the game intense and scary.

Such a classic. 

GlitchyShadow13 says:

Wait a minute,
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was a rushed, Glitchy, and terrible Sonic game,
Wasn’t Sonic ’06 like that? And before ’06 we got Shadow The Hedgehog, a
controversial game, like Sonic: Lost World,
No no no, this can’t be a coincidence, let’s look at this a different way,
Sonic ’06 was released in 2006, Sonic Boom was released in 2014, 6+14=20,
After Sonic ’06 we got Sonic Unleashed released in 2008, 20-8=12
Half of 12 is 6, half means 2,
There are 2 Adventure games, after SA2 we got Sonic Heroes, in Sonic Heroes
you play as 3 characters at once, a triangle has 3 sides, Sonic has 2 ears,
3-2=1, the Illuminati has 1 eye
Sonic = Illuminati confirmed

Danielcool Almirante says:

They make Duck Dynasty and Kim Kardashian game? but no Chuck Norris and
Bruce Lee game. Da Faq!

NinjaSonic11 Sonic says:

I agree Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric is bad

Rocky Bukkaké says:

Indie games are shit

Kickstarter is shit

Greenlight is shit

Boretobrine OS says:

wow. Im surprised there isn’t any raging sonic fan boys. I mean really, i
comment in a video saying how bad sonic games are and they flip shit,
leaving me 99+ notifications…

Official Balloon Girl (Aka JJ) says:

do top ten scariest indie horror games says:

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Lucian Wong says:

we need games like GrandTheftAuto4 or RedDeadRedemption. those were great
games! nowadays they only care because of graphics on the current gen!

Milkoftime says:

Anyone who says FNAF sucks don’t understand that the idea was innovative.
All horror games were the same story. You’re forced to run out and have
someone kill you. FNAF was different. You sat there. A simple yet new way
of horror. And the paranoia was the main part. It was new, and it was
innovative. That’s why it was good.

Midnght Eclipse says:

You wanna play the best Spiderman game ever made which has an original
story and just kicks fucking ass, Play web of Shadows.

Just like South Park Taught us, dungeon Keeper Mobile is a freemium game.

Hey at least it’s better then Rambo on the nes.

A Whitterker says:

How to train your dragon 2 is an amazing game! Cant belive it…

coolsiteish says:

The worst for me was probably Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. While it did
reveal a little bit about the lore, the gameplay went from spooky to shit.
In the first game, it was pretty hard for me to play with audio (because
i’m slowly getting into the horror genre), but in the second…what the
fuck scott? The only one that could keep you on edge is probably the
puppet. The rest? No, just no.

Onesimo Guerrero says:

Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2014: says:

#Top10 Worst Video Games of 2014

Mrallthat says:

GTA 5 next gen should’ve been on this list

MrFluffyman12 says:

Why does everyone hate Sonic Boom. It wasn’t THAT bad.

Kenji Gonzalez Hoshino says:

Sonic Boom
Sucks… nothing else… says:

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xTrizTp X says:

What the fuck is your problem mojo fuckers sonic boom was good now I’m
gonna report your video

BETMARKonTube says:

I quit to watch your videos time ago, but i like to go back randomly and
give an another chance… well, this time I kindly agree with your list, so
now I’ll go check some other new video.
Maybe something is changed in the direction, or you just ‘evolved’
Anyway, greetings.


DrawingGirl4 says:


Oh my fucking God do you people even hear yourselfs? Look, i don’t like
creepypastas like Jeff The Killer or laughing Jack and i don’t like Family
Guy either but i don’t go on the comment section like a 4 year old and
start a flame war about it.. Can we all be mature for once? 

Timnich01 says:

Com’n, Sonic: Rise of Lyric couldn’t ever compare to Sonic 06′, seriously

Harrison DuRant says:

Sonic may be the worst franchise still being made. I really wish they would
hurry up an kill it already.

ASFBajan xRpmVenom says:

Sonic boom isn’t glitch I have it and it’s good. Sonic Boom doesn’t SUCK!!!

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