Variance Analysis, Master (Static), Flexible and Actual Budgets (Managerial Accounting Tutorial #43)

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Variance analysis is a tricky topic near the end of our Intro to Managerial Accounting course. We’ll discuss different types of variances including price variances and usage variances along…


xGUDDAx says:


Dan Aylestock says:

That was helpful but can you explain how to journalize this info?

tenshi miko says:

Very well explanation. Thank you very much! I will be your fan on the cost
accounting subject.

Toroidal Zeus says:

YOU ARE AMAZING. I LOVE YOU. Cost accounting final today. I’ve been looking
at these charts for weeks now but your videos actually let me remember the
information in a way that makes sense. 

Tina Ray says:

Chapter 7 is a bit confusing for me, just the part of understanding the
difference between favourable and unfavourable. 

Naramsin says:

One thing I don’t understand is why lecturers cant be like you ? they go on
and elaborate on parts of a chapter that are really irrelevant and all they
do is OVERCOMPLICATE methods of calculations when in fact its really
simple. This kind of maths is simple so why complicate it ? I hope they
look at your videos and learn a thing or two cause you really do help me a
lot with managerial accounting and as well as many others in my shoes. I
want to thank you so very much for your efforts. you’re a champ. and
without your simplified methods that are so easy to understand I don’t
think I would be able to get 90+. 

Sonia Gomez says:

I’m sooooooo glad I found this video!! I’m having a test onThursday and I’m
freaking out,but after watching this video.. The notes I had from my
professor mke so much sense now.. Thank you so much!!!

Sonia Gomez says:

Thank you! You have saved my life on Thursday! :) 

Sonia Gomez says:

Hi Dave, thank you for responding to my comment. My test is going to cover
3 chapters: Master Budgets, Flexible Budgets and Direct Cost variances, and
the last chapter Flexible Budgets, Overhead Cost Variances. I understand my
professor’s practice questions but the exams she gives us are different
from those practice questions, the way she explains doesn’t help me at all,
I basically have to teach myself. I’m going to go over this video several
times until I understand the concept well enough. Again thank you so much
for your videos, I’m actually writing some of my notes to study out of this
video :) 

Sonia Gomez says:

Can you explain the favorable and unfavorable part? I get confused as to
what amounts I should be looking at when comparing my results. Thank you :) 

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