BANKS – Beggin For Thread (Official Music Video)

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Matt Hoppe says:

This is gonna be a sleeper hit, at least in the US it will. You can predict
this shit after a while. Spring & Summer 2015 you’re gonna start hearing
this on Top 40 stations. First it’s going to steadily climb up the
Alternative Charts (which it’s already doing) and within a few months it
will star being in commercials, promotional ads, tv shows, etc. I’ve seen
it happen to Foster the People, Of Monsters and Men, Lorde, The
Neighbourhood, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Gotye, Capital Cities,
Awolnation. Right now it’s happening to Tove Lo and Hozier and next year
it’s gonna happen to her. Watch.

U wot m8 says:

As selfish as this may sound, I fear this song may soon become popular. All
those pop losers will start loving this a year after it came out

Bishop Bryant says:

people keep saying this video is overly sexualized. how? i find the video
as very artistic and this is one of those videos where all of the
“skin-showing” is understandable 

PalestineATW says:

Favourite female artist atm. I’ll admit I only recently found about her but
her voice with the alternative genre got me hooked.
Thanks to the person who recommended her music!!!

Le Vich says:

Like it!!!!! It reminds me of Sia and Lykke Li combined.

Molly M says:

The video is gross, but why does she need thread? Baby fever?!

larry5200 says:

Thread?? Is the song about sewing?

Bailey Milligan says:

Banks is going to be even a bigger hit next ;) 

remyg1977 says:

After watching this video 20 times, I am starting to believe she is talking
to a split personality that she is getting rid of or the split personality
is telling her what she did wrong. The split personality,”you didn’t know
what you were getting into.” 

margarettize says:


DAY 351: A song by an artist beginning with the letter B.
BANKS – Beggin For Thread

This is so dope and sick! One of my addictions lately. I waited impatiently
to finally publish this song! She’s has incredible voice!

#banks #the365daysongchallenge #margarettize 

Bjørn Madsen says:

Why does the bass line get louder and quieter, this is driving me up the

Rene Aensland says:

This song is fucking sick! =]

People are saying she sounds like Lana, that’s impossible, Banks hasn’t put
me to sleep yet. Lana is pro at that.
Her Tiny Desk Concert was a stellar experience to watch.


Love this. Banks and Khordelia are all I’m listening to these days.. They
constantly raising the bar in their genre atm. Both have potential to set
trends, I predict they will take 2015 by storm x

Aamina Hussain says:

this music video is awesome all the people who are saying its overly
sexalised are the same people who are getting turnt to freaking anaconda 

Madison Oncale says:

In my opinion , banks is a combination of Lana Del Rey and Sia 

Emily Davenport says:

Seriously does anyone else hear “I’ve got itches that scratch” and :My
disproportionate reactions fuse when I eat good steaks” instead of “I’ve
got edges that scratch” and ” My disproportionate reactions fuse with
my eager state” or is it just me?? 

Margot Beerten says:

If you like this, you will probably also like RUN RUN RUN – search *”RUN
RUN RUN – Calliope”*

Geoff Morrison says:

This song made me yawn

MoosefishProductions says:

2:45 oh god kill that thing before it lays eggs. creep as fuck D:

Amanda B says:

Who cares when and where you hear something. Quit being a hipster.

Alexa Strutner says:

Love this song. The music video and lyric video are very well made. Kudos :) 

Val Wishlow says:

GAWD……. I luv it !!

Trin C says:

I loved this song since da day it came out I love BANKS and her music
especially goddess 

Luqman Hakim Zulkifli says:

Wow, she’s good. You know, I immediately fell in love when I first listened
to the song. I’m mad for only discovered her music now.

Harmphrey says:

I like the URL it says twix

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