Merry Christmas

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For my parents.

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Sinisbal says:

Excellent example to all rebellious and disrespectful children who don’t
care what they parents think or do. But this man did what was good for all
people involved and here it is visible how normal, heterosexual family
produces love and people of a strong character and high morality.

SynPlay says:

This is beautiful. I’m legit crying. They’re lucky parents to have a son
who both cares so much and can afford to do something like this for them.
You can feel the love in this video. Thumbs up if you can feel the love
too. ;_; 

Gavaher says:

As a private investigator of 3 years and an active reddit user I already
know what this is from. As a minority I’m certain you were not able to earn
the money for this legitimately. This looks to be the use of drug money
being put to a good cause, but it’s still drug money. I suggest you keep
your expenses with this type of cash a private matter from now on or you
could be seeing the inside of a prison cell.

– Ishmael Gavaher

~ *Reddit moderator of /r/fitness, /r/Conspiracy and owner of

Vlad Xavier says:

WTF is going on in the comment section?

A bunch of idiots saying white people would never do this for their family,
and a bunch of racist crap with thumbs up are you fucking kidding me?

I bet if they said it about a black man you’d be up in arms… 

Rikesh Patel says:

Lol I wanna see white people do this. Whites don’t even know what family is

Ashley Brown says:

Why does this have to turn into a race issue? This man is a wonderful
person who did something we all wish we could do for someone we loved. I
applaud him.

AntonNZL says:

Why is it that whenever non WHITE people do shit, it all becomes about
fucking race. Why is that? Why is it that when the video is about WHITE
people, whether good or bad, race never becomes a factor. Only when its non
WHITE people. The cunts have their fucking WHITE privilege on the internet,
also. Shit fucks me off.

Randall Oxley says:

Good job buddy. You are the type of person in the world who deserves to be

Taffy wills says:

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Kappatain Fedora says:

Reddit sent me here and it clearly shows as my experience as a reddit
detective with the almighty IQ of 186 that this is clearly the work of an
intelligent gentleman who obviously allowed you to borrow the money as only
redditors have the intelligence to make such expert memes to raise le
(Reddit meme, only redditors will get it!) money.

Kappatain Fedora. Expert meme maker and respected member of Reddit.

Niana Jaan says:

this guy is a big drug dealer. says:

Son tells his parents he has paid off their mortgage:

Joseph Riquelme, creator of video editing app Videoshop, decided to make
the grand gesture to his mum and dad as a Christmas present this year – and
he got their reaction on film.

+Rebecca Gillie 

ElEs Bambii says:




Sepehr Nilgoon says:

کاش ما هم میتونستیم به پدر و مادرمون چنین هدیهء کریسمسی بدیم. پسر جوانی
باقیماندهء وام خانهء پدرش را پرداخت میکنه. کامنتهای یوتیوب هم دیدنیه.

Jefe Sonirraft says:

Para los de habla hispana que aún no saben de que va el vídeo, el hijo le
pagó la hipoteca a sus padres :’)

mobius999 says:

This is what happens when a minority person is raised in a good household
by good parents. Instead of blaming the system for everyday problems he
has become successful and didn’t blow it all on rims and gold chains, he
gave back. Inspiring story that proves the only thing holding you back in
this country is a false sense of entitlement and laziness. 

Ernesto Alcorta says:

Llore de verdad llore, que gran persona eres, mis respetos amigo, el mejor
regalo que pudiste a ver dado a de mas de ser un gran hijo.

Es.. simplemente hermoso lo que has echo por tus papas, saludos amigo, y
mucha buena vibra!! :D un abrazo!

PD: 1,730 personas no tienen corazón o son idiotas que lo único que hacen
es tratar de arruinar las cosas buenas de la vida…

Mark Hall says:

Why is it whenever I see the words ‘Reddit User’ the comments are mostly
nasty and uncalled for!

Patrick D says:

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HeroOfWar1214 says:

what rice r they ? sounds like they r talking mexican but they look indin

here goes says:

Объясните о чем видео? Я не понимаю..

BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

It must be cool to snuggle with Santa like that.

Res Med says:

Thats y in INDIA we say- BOY child is a BLESSING, GIRL child is a CURSE….
Had it Joey trobone been GIRL, her parents wud b worried lot for her DOWRY

David Di Franco says:

This is so incredibly generous of you. Well done. Merry Christmas! :) 

Get Crafty Crafty says:

I’m very proud to call this awesome guy my friend!! Congrats to your

Exbrayat Jean-Luc says:

*Il offre un cadeau de Noël inespéré à ses parents*

Ce jeune chef d’entreprise américain a fait couler des larmes de joie sur
les joues de ses parents en leur remettant une enveloppe pour Noël.

Joseph Riquelme, entrepreneur américain, a fait un sacré cadeau pour Noël à
ses parents. La scène a été immortalisée et la vidéo postée le jour de Noël
sur YouTube, relate Le Démotivateur. Joe donne à sa mère une simple
enveloppe avec un mot bref : “La maison est remboursée. Joyeux Noël, Joe”.
Selon le site, le jeune homme a réuni l’argent grâce au succès de son
application de montage vidéo pour iPhone.

Gabriella Black says:

I am totally confused. What was in the envelope? Was it a ten thousand
dollar check made out to his parents?
I love Christmas and I believe it’s a day when you do something so nice and
amazing for your loved ones. But, I feel as though money is totally not the
thing that should be involved during the holiday. The holiday is about
celebrating happiness and love and gifting money to your family and friends
just doesn’t seem right.
His mom said, “I love you,” when she saw the check. The love shouldn’t be
based on money. The love should just exist because people love one another.

EB Productions says:

Could someone explain what happened exacly?

Tyler Sunderland says:

What did he give his parents? I’m having a hard time figuring it out, I
know it’s money but did he pay off something? ( ._.)

PJ Music says:

Feliz año a todo el mundo desde España! Espero que este año lo disfruteis
como nunca! Bienvenido seas 2015!
Que este año cumplais vuestros propósitos y que encontréis el amor! HAPPY
NEW YEAR! FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! bonne année!!! 

Rene Bernardino says:

*The feels*

LeviOrDie says:

I’m kind of confused can someone explain what he did exactly…

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