The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money 4 | Mike Maloney

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Bonus Presentation here: Written By: Mike Maloney and Dan Rubock. Animation: Aden Mackness. Presented By Mike Maloney. Ca…


Mike Maloney says:

We keep getting comments from people saying ‘oh, an inheritance cap will
fix this’. No it won’t. You are talking about attaching band-aids to a
terminally ill patient. The root cause of most of our problems today is the
monetary system itself. Stop treating the symptoms – let’s find a cure for
the disease. 

Mike Maloney says:

Thank you to everyone who is sharing this video. This is how we make a

Mike Maloney says:

To those looking for solutions, this is a MUST WATCH: Mike Maloney’s Forum
For A Monetary Solution – Bitcoin? Gold? Silver?

Mike Maloney says:

I’m interested to know whether folks have (or will) watched the other
episodes in this series. If so, which episode is your favorite and why?

Mike Maloney says:

To all the Bitcoin folks – we are making an episode about cryto-currencies
right now. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it.

Mike Maloney says:

Thank you everyone who is sharing this video – we are closing in on 2
million views thanks to you. Amazing work, keep it up! 

Mike Maloney says:

Thank you all so much for 2 million views, just phenomenal. Please continue
to share this video – folks are waking up! 

Matthew Jilwan says:

don’t be dumb and believe it’s all the banks fault capitalism is the

Mike Maloney says:

Outstanding to see our video at 1.75 million views today – please share and
let’s crack the 2 million mark soon! 

ingotjuh says:

I was about 5 minutes in when I realized this is propaganda against
capitalism. It is also a view solely based on the US, whereas this scenario
described in the first 5 minutes won’t work in the EMU. Central Banks, like
the Federal Reserve, have certain goals. They don’t care if they fund the
US deficit. They care about unemployment levels and inflation. This is what
they target, and they set the money supply accordingly by buying and
selling bonds for currency. The US has a problem, and that’s caused by
overspending, yes, but it’s not the intention of the Fed for this to
happen. It is inherent to US society and spending habits. In Europe the ECB
targets inflation way more that unemployment, and thus the Euro as a store
of money has been relatively more stable over time in respect to the US

I decided to watch a bit further and got the the fractional reserve lending
part. This is actually beneficial for an economy as it increases the money
trade velocity. This means people spend faster and earn faster resulting in

And then, to finish it all off (when I got to the point where it became
unwatchable because of the atrocity of misinformation), the definition of
inflation is NOT an increase in the money supply! Prices can rise because
of a variety of things, and inflation is GOOD for an economy! Inflation
makes us want to spend our money now, rather than save too much of it,
increasing output. While it is true saving is good for investment in the
long run, there is a steady state of saving and output where it is most
beneficial for an economy. If we don’t spend enough, economic growth will
be much lower.

I urge everyone to read: International Economics: Theory and Policy, by
Krugman et al.
and learn the real reasons and mechanics of money and exchange rates, and
how monetary expansion fits into economic growth and output.

Pwegoable says:

Erm, I know a lot of people will hate on me after watching this video, but
even though we are not immediately linked into the profits of this scheme I
am all for this government theft for multiple reasons. First main reason is
the advance of technology and disease/ illness cures. The imaginary money
in the system is the cause of the worlds increasing progress. Without money
to fund all the ventures we would be years behind where we are today.
Practices of theft increase the defense of that theft in the future. If my
business were robbed today by a break in, I would increase my security as
to not get robbed again tomorrow. That is what is happening, as the world
is being attacked by financial crooks the system becomes stronger in
defending itself.
Ok, now i have to word the rest carefully because these are tight subjects.
If the stock market tanks from a failing bank or big business yes the
dollar and other currencies take a hit but there is always something to
fill the void even if it is over seas. No matter what there will be someway
to obtain money… as long as the current system stands. When the 2008
crash happened tons of people lost jobs but look, youtube is on a huge
upturn. “Content creator” is a new profession to average people and the old
business model is noticing, bringing the world more education and more user
imput to shows.

I can’t prodict the future but just my hobby in electronics and news online
has me very excited, I read an article this morning that Harvard is very
close to curing type 1 diabetes! If the higher powers at work started this
scheme they have to keep it going. They will get richer and richer and we
will get poorer and poorer… actually now that I look around it looks like
were getting richer too, huh.

If you want to respond please keep comments somewhat nice.

Mike Maloney says:

20,000 Likes! Thank you so much, keep sharing this video and we’ll get to 2
million views. Leave a comment if this video opened your eyes! 

Mateusz J says:

Hi, to start with I’m not an economist so don’t laugh at me if I say
something stupid :) . In this video an example from US was shown, but I
wondered is it a similar case in other countries?

heyitsablackguy says:

Whoa, this is awesome!

trident3b says:

how does this apply to other countries? The system should be the same I
would assume… only the other countries never go to war. Italy, Germany,
spain, etc etc. The UK once in a while when the americans feel like it, but
that’s it. So that part confuses me and suggests this might not all be
quite true. 

Chris Grimes says:

Wow this video was quite interesting. I’m a bit eager for any of you to
tell me what you think. It was well worth the 30 minutes.

Linkfan99 says:

Did anyone else just search “money” in the search bar because they were

Mike Maloney says:

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees, but the truth is that the modern
banking system creates currency far faster than trees can grow…

The Andoxico says:

if you put $100 in a bank and the bank loses $90 the FDIC pays it back.
They insure bank accounts up to $250,000 and were created after the Great

ChrisMillerLite says:

i have read many books on this subject and agree with it wholeheartedly but
I get pissed off that these videos are always sponsored by gold and silver
bugs. i.e. they have motives as well. to sell you gold and silver. People
need to realize that gold and silver have no intrinsic value as well, it is
not food or a source of energy like gasoline. It is a useless shiny metal
that we dig up from the earth. It has value because merely because humans
believe it has had value for over 5000 years. Like I said it is not food,
or a source of energy. Although this video has valid points, do not go out
and dump your life savings into gold and silver. Allocate maybe 5% of your
portfolio to precious metals in case the whole system collapses but I would
much rather own a fraction of a fortune 500 company that actually produces
goods and services of value rather than a shiny rock that people have
un-explainably worshipped for thousands of years. 

grassynole07 says:

I first heard the monetary system explained in the Zeitgeist movie but i
think this video animation along of Malloneys commentary explains it even
better. Great video, i wish more people took the time to watch the entire

Christine Wasankari says:

An absolutely EXCELLENT explanation of what “money” is and is not. You will
be shocked, I promise. Take the time to watch this and the rest of the
series, it’s well worth your while.

Bo Christman says:

greatest video ever blow away thank you

Mike Boatright says:

I like this video however I still don’t see a solution. And if there was a
solution with gold people could still scam that to with lead etc..

RLS0812 says:

What is the animation software that was used ?

Mike Maloney says:

1776 x 1000 views – phenomenal to see so many folks sharing this important
video. Thank you.

lxlCyanidelxl says:

Excellent video.

But let me ask, as someone who as only ever lived under this system, what
other monetary system would work? The video highlights the problems
superbly but what’s more important is surely a solution, waking people up
to a problem doesn’t solve it, merely brings more attention to it, but the
problem persists still.

From what I can comprehend it’s that whilst this system is fundamentally
evil, it also keeps us alive, without money or ‘currency’ I can’t feed
myself or look to have any kind of future. It’s like a life support system
that is killing us whilst keeping us alive by a string.

If the root of this evil, for us as citizens, is tax being payed to repay
IOU’s to the federal reserve, even if we stopped paying taxes, the rate of
inflation would simply increase, and the standard of living would decline –
the fact that the reserve can seemingly create money from nothing means
that surely the system would carry on whilst life would get harder even
though taxes wouldn’t be paid. Effectively, so long as debt exists, there
will always be more debt, no matter how much tax we pay.

Unless of course you get someone in government who is going to default on
the debt owed, as Iceland did, although I believe going down that route, as
history has shown, ends with a bullet in the head. Maybe that’s why it’s
the only solution as it’s the only idea that has the bankers sh*tting
themselves – someone who will release the people from the shackles of a
debt based economy.

Be nice in your response, I know I don’t know everything about what I’m
talking about, which is why I’m here.

JamesTavRule says:

American shit. Move along guys, nothing to see here. xD

G Mason says:

Be this video true and factual, So what?…this country is A corp, Money
has to be made some how..

1Fireskull says:

The New World Order and its puppet called The European Union have devalued
the voter to the point of no return. Only a nationalistic movement to
retake government and form new nationalistic constitutions to protect the
public from centralized money manipulation is the hope.

William Redpath says:

This video was incredibly eye opening. I’m from the UK and was one of those
guys that knew something wasn’t right in our economy but couldn’t figure
out why changes haven’t been made by our governments to fix the issue with
the deficit that we are constantly told is getting smaller. I now realise
that the debt under this system will never go away with this system and
that I need to find alternative ways to protecting my money for when the
banking system eventually crashes on us. Thank you for such an informative
yet simple to understand video which i will gladly share to all of my

ActivistsHub says:

all forms of money including gold is a scam

Chen Qin says:

The is the clearest explanation of our modern monetary system I had seen so
far. How the banking system collaborate with the government to rob the rest
of us stealthy.

The full series however, push for a return to the gold standard which has
problem of its own. This video by itself is excellent though.

SilverJoe says:

Mike, I shared this with everyone I could think of when I first saw this
video. My girlfriend is in an MBA program majoring in business law and
human resources. She is in a corporate finance class. She was assigned to
do an assignment on the fed and how they can affect markets. She wrote how
government debt is directly purchased by the Fed. Her finance teacher
replied to her stating that the Fed has nothing to do with bonds. I sent
her the link to this video to share with her class and her slumbering
“instructor “. Maybe it will wake up a few more people to the crimes being
committed in the name of “QE”

Brad B says:



Far to many dislikes, what the hell is wrong with some folk..
There are two ways to be fooled..
One is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to accept what is
Nothing drives governments into debt like war… Look what’s happening
around our world.
Our system is rotten, filthy, & corrupt & run by a few insane power mad
money men addicted to it….

Empire’s always fall.

Peace love unity.

Darvinisti says:

I dont understand how fractional lending creates money (or currency). It
just loans forward something that can be given back. The interest is
something that cant be paid back without creating more money, but thats
true for all money.

Lets say I deposit 1 kg of gold to a bank and get an IOU 1 kg of gold back.
Now the bank loans 900g of that gold to a third party receiving IOU 900 g
of gold back to be put in “my” safety box with the 100 g of gold. Gold isnt
created in the process, but there are are 1900 IOU g of gold created. The
money supply hasnt expanded. There is still the same amount of gold. Every
party still has the same amount of fortune providing promises will be kept.
I could buy stuff with my IOU gold, but when the debt is payed its like I
bought it with my gold.

Just replace the gold with dollars and where is the extra money?

Juan Aguilar says:

I love all the info….but for the hispanic community can you have the
videos translated or even dubbed in spanish…I believe it will help our
elders understand what is really going on…

Dhruv Jani says:

very sure that out of 2,000,000+ people no one has took any action … or
that would have been revolution by now … I really feel sorry when I see
people who might be able to understand this but not doing anything about
this … The only way you can get out of this mess is by actions … Please
try to understand this as well.

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