Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou

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TD turns ATMs into Automated Thanking Machines to create some very special moments for customers across Canada. A thank you can change someone’s day. #TDThan…


Carmelyne Thompson says:

Banks have soul? What?! I guess this bank is an exception. How do you unkind
(err coffee pls) OUT kind this? It doesn’t matter how big or small. Make
someone’s day brighter today.

*The Automated Thanking Machine (ATM)*

Amber Mac says:

Can you think of a better way for a bank to say “Thank you” to some of it’s
customers? Well done +TDCanada.
Oh and please keep the “lower service fees, give better interest rates”
comments for another time and just enjoy the awesomeness of the video.
#customerservice #banking 

Michael Warbux says:

This was pretty amazing. Your bank does this, knows your customer’s names
and back stories, and my bank just sees me as a number. Congrats TDBank!
You’re setting a new standard. Great job!

Katherine Anastasia says:

Yay I did get aired ! Amazing my mother and I at 3:44

Genesis Ject says:

Awesome video.
Sorry for asking but, anyone knows the song in the background?

Pulizbis says:

Does anyone else see the lady at 2:10 suddenly turn black

Bobbi Jo Woods says:


Koushik Dutta says:
Přemysl Vaculík says:

I na mě to zapůsobilo .)

moey nolala says:

Of course, wasn’t this bank involved in a 1.2 billion ponzi scheme?

Brian Buckley says:

*A Thank-You Can Make A World Of Difference*

I remember +Mark Traphagen saying that one of the best things any brand
could do is SURPRISE its customer with something special.
Well, +TDCanada goes the extra mile with this special *Thank You* for its
most faithful customers.
Try Not To Cry!!

Johnny Kat says:

This is why Americans hate Canada so much..even their banks are great!!!!

ابو سلطان says:

وينك يالراجحي

Luiz Centenaro says:

*Amazing Video, **+TD Ameritrade** turns ATM’s into Automated Thanking

DudeThatsMyChannel says:

I think its fake 

Stéphane Giron says:

Excellent, il n’y a que les américains pour faire cela.

Le distributeur de billet se transforme en distributeur de cadeau avec pour
certains de très belles surprises !!!!

Reign Roelofs says:

wonderful and surprising thank yous!

CapeTalk says:

A bank says thanks via their ATM and gives more than cash to those using it.

Mark Lastiwka says:
Andrey Boyd says:

Have a nice day!

FrogskinU Educational Foundation Ltd. says:

See how TD Bank is thanking their customers #TDbank #TDThanksYou – YouTube

Fortune says:

Generous, and poor old lady, I don’t want to sound like a bitch, but what
if it was acted

Odi Mort says:

OOOOhhh give a couple morrons gift , record it from 100 sides and details
and billion others have good feeling , when they are paying this company
and slave them :D DD stupid america ….

Aaron Newby Sr says:

So inspired to continue this personnally. I want to be able to give
deserving people their heart desire. What a awesome video and act of

temi lovie says:

This is sooooo nice!!! Canada Stand Up!!!! Makes me sooo happy!

DooM49 says:

This is beautiful! :D 

BigMo says:

Plot twist: the next day they tried using the card and their balance was

يالبى قلبك says:

هذا وينه عن اللي عندنا

Philosophy says:

السستم عطلان.

بدر الجهني says:

أنا عميل منذ 30 سنة في مصرف الراجحي ولم يقدم لي هدية ريال واحد

damiencaze says:

29164 thumbs up for this crappy marketing video… What’s the problem with
you people?

Matthew Santoro says:

BRB switching to TD.

Peter Pilipchuk says:

доброе утро

Ryuzaki Lawliet says:

I actually teared up a bit. Does that make me a pussy?

Pamela St. Peter says:

Have you seen this ~ a bank in Canada, TD (Toronto Dominion) is thanking
their loyal customers. Just watch and listen to this heartfelt video.

Can you imagine how this would feel…. WoW.


Hjalmar Nyman says:

Get this fake “viral marketing” bullshit of reddit. This will be slain by

Hjalmar Nyman 

Chris Parks says:

What are the chances a local bank in Richmond would do this? 

Mark Allen says:

Lovely feel-good video from some Canadian bank or other – I try not to
notice who the advertiser is….

Kim Flowers says:

A wonderful example of businesses saying thank you in the most connected
and personalised way.

#TDthanksyou #feelgood #videooftheday #thankyou #tdcanada

InvisiMan2006 says:

Very touching, however I do have a few points to make:

- how did you get the information from these customers? Were any privacy
laws breached?
- I switched FROM TD after being a customer for over a decade because it
became unreasonable to have bank fees on each account we held – over 4 of
them. Since switching to a bank without fees, I’m saving over $60 a month
and don’t worry about having to pay for replacement cheques, balance
transfers and daily transactions.

While touching, your core business model is about taking money from
customers when you should be trying to help the grow financially. 

iAnimationProduction says:

Heartfelt gesture but honestly how do the banks know so much about their
customer? Im getting suspicious..

Louise Marie says:

This made me cry!! I had to share it.

Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThank…:

Allison Cox says:

Dorothy broke my heart.

Matias Camacho says:

whats the name of the video’s song? anyone?

Waleed Wahidi says:

I’ve been with TD for a long time now, where’s my $1000 check?

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