Shotgun shack redux: mortgage-free in 320 square feet

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Two years ago, Debra and her family lived in a nearly 2000 square foot home on an acre and a half of land. Then her husband lost his job and they began to wo…


weera warakul says:

to live awesome live, that doesn’t mean you have to have big house.

Elwood Anderson says:

Even smaller is beautiful example

Jack Haynes says:

that is amazing!

endauthority says:

spend lots of time outside

juantenoriojr69 says:

I love this! Who built this home?? I really need something exactly like
this since I live alone with my two dogs and want to live in a much more
simple, peaceful climate. Please let me know. I’m also on disability and
there are programs that help people like me obtain affordable housing and
it would be a dream come true for me to finally own my own home!!

Diane Woods says:

The tiny house movement- #tinyhouse 

Babyhowdy233 says:

They did a marveous job with both their tiny house and the office next door.
The only thing I would have done differently was I’d have sacrificed a bit
of closet space to give my son a bigger bedroom.

danpt2000 says:

$145 / month or per year for the lot? 

Anna M says:

What if one of you breaks a leg or ankle? How are you going to get down the
hallway on crutches? What if you end up in a wheelchair? You are getting

RioAbajoBelen says:

What a beautiful house and never under estimate the benefits of being debt
free and having your house paid off. Thanks for making this video. We
really enjoyed it.

drsebastian says:

What kind of property is this parked at? I want to do the same, but am
looking for the land.

Christian Prophecy - Anuncios Proféticos says:

Beautiful family. Congratulations on new home. I too want a micro home and
am researching options. Great way to start.

Goy Toy says:

This is great and Id rather live in a small home with a loving family
instead of a big house with a divided family. Took me years to learn this
but people hate what they dont understand. And when seeing success, in this
case a loving happy family it reminds the haters of their own shortcomings
so they project the anger/jealousy unto what is most visible to them to put
down. Took me many years, but being a successful 1/2M dollar business owner
and a happy husband with a daughter,2 cats and dog, just proves that we
dont need to worry about who we please but those who truely loves us.

Mary Anne says:

Verry Sweet!

Rob Stewart says:

Does it make you feel good that your walk-in closet is bigger than your
sons room?

Richard Hoskins says:

mortgage free is my favorite part :) 

malcolm mock says:

Wow, that is a good woman. She thinks about all the great things she has.
She will have a happy life.

Jacqueline Marrero says:

Who was the contractor that made this home and what’s the contact number or
website? Thank you. 

CoreGoddess says:

Adorable. You offer so many families – the freedom to own a home. Or keep
their ELDERS at home in a Mother – In – Law Cabin…. you are truly good
AmeriCAN’s. God Bless You! Very cute and well done.

Nchained1 says:

Beautiful video. They appear happy and free. Very inspiring.

Christy G. says:

Super cute and great use of space!

mark farley says:

watching this certainly makes you think about your own life in what you do
actually need and what you do not.Why do most of us live in the so called
normal housing market in debt struggling getting stressed out to pay the
bills,and if we loose our jobs in this fragile economy we loose the lot!
This family sure has something right. With the savings you make you can do
more in life also.Better food wine and dine etc etc.More money more choices
and more freedom .

Connie Estep says:

For a single person or a couple would be fine but I disagree when it comes
to having a child and living in such a small area. I know it is better than
living on the streets with a child but if you can afford more which if you
have no house payment it should be easy then why not get a place where your
son can grow and thrive! It may seem all good now but wait til he is a

Blanca White says:

Wow! And I thought my first apartment in Manhattan was small. I guess not…
I lived in small quarters decades ago and today my walk in closet is 1000
square feet in NYC and I find it to be cramped at times. Could have
something to do with my high heal and hand bag addiction. I applaud you for
being able to do it, though. I don’t know how you keep your sanity,
especially with working right next door and home schooling your son. You
mentioned you have a storage locker near by. That thing must be loaded to
the max! The storage locker is where I would have to house my maid if I
moved to one of these. LOL Love and light!!

Archie Lovesme says:

My husband and I would kill each other.

Tanya Lopez says:

Nice improvement to their bathroom space. =JluXgDcpxOc 

belovedpeartree says:

It would be nice if the toilet room and shower room both had windows, don’t
you think? Since this is a custom-made house, it could have easily been
added. Also, if you use the front porch space for more interior room, your
living room and dining room area could have been twice as comfortable.
Right now it does feel cramped. 

gabbyg561 says:

I love the way this family has planned their tiny house. Everything is
included, including a washer and dryer. It’s cute and so functional. Some
of these tiny houses are just too small, for my taste. I like the way this
couple not only have their comfortable tiny house, with a bedroom
downstairs, but also have the workshop, for their little business, so they
don’t have to give up something they love doing.

Bacon AJ says:

I want that kids room

saxmanchiro says:

We have a 2013 40 ft Park model, with all the things needed for modern
life. It came equipped with all appliances, including AC(central), gas
heat(central), full size fridge, gas range, double sink, 12 gal hot
water(120V and gas), well insulated, tons of storage, hardwood cabinets,
dining table and chairs, 2 Lazy Boy loungers, sleeper sofa, surround-sound
radio/DVD built in, king size bed, 7ft ceilings, real toilet, double
bathroom sinks, two showers(in and out), aluminum siding, tinted windows,
12 volt lighting, all in a total of about 350ft. All of this delivered to
our rented beach lot in a campground on a lot(24×60) parking for two, deck
is 24×10 with awning, $500 /mo including water, sewer, cable, internet. We
paid $26k. We just added the deck and a TV.

Christina Pabon says:

Debra we love your home! Do you have a plan for the sofa/guest bed?

Stephen Williams says:


britney beverly says:

How do you guys get electricity?

Platinum Dragon Productions says:

This is awesome. I want to live in something like that or a nice conversion

alsvrsdlsi says:

“I am not focusing on what I dont have”
what a great thought

Dee Westcott says:


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