Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!

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This lady, Peggy Joseph, thinks Barack Obama will pay for her gas, mortgage, and who knows what else.


gleekflaglue6345789 says:

I sent Obama an invoice expecting a check from the white house to pay for a
bassoon I can not afford. It’s been five years now. I am still waiting to
hear back from my beloved president.

Scot Watson says:

I feel sorry for a lot of these ignorant black Americans. They’ve had a
hard time of it historically to say the least, and I think most live in
some kind of poverty. Whether that is their own fault or not aside, they
really believed Barack Obama was their saviour – it is immutable fact that
Black Americans thought this. I believe 95% voted for him in 2008, and 93%
in 2012. Those are higher approval ratings than Jesus Christ had!

How let down they must all feel, those with half a brain that is. Let the
lesson be extended to us all – do not even bother to cast a vote for these
waster politicians. One of your choices in the democratic process is, after
all, ‘none of the above’.

mrandmrscrooked says:


Besides, you don’t have to pay your taxes, every should just take it to
supreme court. 

Otis B Driftwood says:

I would like to see a follow-up on this woman ask her how she likes Obama’s
buying her gas,paying her light bill? Funny thing is the Government
probably has been doing that for her from day one with the welfare checks
she could be taking.

Travis Hunter says:

What is she talking about he is not your husband I’m sorry I mean rommmate.
Also it’s not he’s job to fund your lifestyle, neither is it your kids job
to fund your lifestlye. It sounds like she needs a roommate go find one.
What happend to I’m a strong independent black woman? On a side note ladies
if you want a man to move in with you and you expect him to help you pay
bills talk to him about it, if he is not willing to help you then y’all
don’t need to be living together if money is that big of a deal. Wait what
am I talking about you move a man in the house because you want to be with
him not pay bills. Ladies if the relationship is boyfriend girlfriend keep
it that way, I mean only married couples should move in together, have kids
and pay bills. What happen to first comes love then comes marriage then
comes baby carriage, we need to go back to that. 

MrJimmyTide says:

Barack gonna take Ant’s money and give it all up to me!

Michael Steven says:

Look up the Obamaphone lady on Alex Jones and see how that turned out for
her … she hates Obama

Patrick Vaden says:

So how’s that not paying for your mortgage or putting gas in your car
working out for you?

Tasha Marie says:

fucking typical niggers.

bobdobb1088 says:

Thumbs up if Obama iz yo baby daddy. Gimme candy Obama…I vote for himz
cuz he gib me a phone!

eden terra says:

Although She might sound a little nuts,she has a good point. With this
administration in power pushing the NWO’s agenda through our throat ,the
time will come soon where we won’t have to worry about paying for anything
because we all become slaves of the State.

ElRancholo2 says:

She isn’t as dumb as you think.

Everyone DOES pay for black housing, black food stamps, black welfare,
black health care, black school lunches, black everything is paid for by
everyone else.

She is right, YOU are the idiots! lol

Major Disdain says:

How did that work out for that idiot

f84taz says:

into the grave.

UncontrollableATroll says:

Our taxes aren’t near high enough. We need to give more money to the
government to pay for that woman’s gas and mortgage.

Astros Zambi says:

Everyone vote for Santa Claus! He gives you stuffs!!!! Who cares that he’s
shitting on the Constitution. Just keep those HAND OUTS COMING!!!!!

Curling12341 says:

How you like him now…..sucka!!!

Crazcompart says:

Agreed with the woman’s state of ignorance…Everyone pays their dues,

blanenbishop says:

sure he was

FuKungGrip says:

“If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you’ll always have Paul’s support.” Obama is
proving that you can buy an election on this…

Rufus Shipman says:

oh boy how stupid she must feel now

Freedom Is Beautiful says:

What does school have to do with getting educated? We have computers,
anything you want know/learn you only have to look up and do research.

SuperSheGeek says:

What is kind of funny, to me at least, is that she is talking about
President Obama like someone people talk about God or Jesus. “I have no
worries,” “If I give God the glory he will take care of me.” This is the
kind of support that really screwed President Obama over in the beginning.
People were acting like he was some magical person who could just touch
something and turn it into gold. The when that didn’t happen immediately,
people turned their backs.

ominous450 says:

@Capt. Chris S and steven justice — fuck you trashy trash lowlife

Susan Jackson says:

And he’s doing it on purpose.

jeepernj99 says:


jeepernj99 says:

I totally agree. Obama is changing everything for the worse…

steven justice says:

Stanf go fuck yourself in the ass with a bed post like you used to while
watching gay porn and jacking yourself off to fag flesh bobbing cocks up
and down there gay asses. You nigger loving self promoting nigger lover.
Hang yourself you fkn puke!

stanf says:

You are an even bigger embarrassment to your race than she is to hers!

jiminberkeley says:

How brave of you to be so tough when you’re anonymous and sitting in your
underwear at the computer. Be bold, brave warrior.

Paula Stamison says:

Give us an address to “get back to you”, Mr. Keyboard Rambo.

applesnoranges says:

12 % of whites on welfare. 50 % of spear chuckers. You were not taught
math, were you?

applesnoranges says:

The richest rich in the history of America. The most people in poverty
EVER. Every single multimillion dollar POS CEO is on NBC licking Obama’s
rear on how profitable they are and badmouthing the Tea Party. As I watch
this the turd running Autonation is going on about how well the sales of
top end German cars are going. When excrement like that is endorsing the
democRATS you know he is screwing you.

Roddy Whitmire says:

Lol…I’m waiting too. Still ain’t seen those gas prices go down. Still
haven’t seen Obama pay my mortgage yet. Its probably because I’m a neocon
idiot who believes in the constitution.

Norm Storm says:

Interview her now……waiting….

absinthe64 says:

I went to pretty good schools, I’m not the best at spelling by any means! I
do hate Grammar Nazi’s though, Their just people that have dull uneventful
lives and think their better than others.

absinthe64 says:

Sad but true!

absinthe64 says:

Sometimes it’s really hard to not be racist when the majority of black
people voted for an incompetent, non American, socialist, muslim just
because he’s half black

absinthe64 says:

Actually, It probably worked out pretty good for her, because she’s likely
on welfare, food stamps and any other Government assistance available to
her, So she really doesn’t have to worry about anything as long as people
like us keep working and being taxed to death by the Socialist Government
of these United States!

absinthe64 says:

Yes he is!

Peezster says:

That’s all the retort you have? Sounds like you can’t back up your
bullshit. When you have something better, come back to me dick head. YOU

Peezster says:

That’s what she said!

Tyler Cornelius says:

Wow… that escalated quickly.

LancelotSkytower says:

If the democrats did not adamantly oppose school vouchers, perhaps you
would have had a better opportunity.

clegger111 says:

What a dumb fuck. I found it very ironic she took her kids out of school
for that shit. Why go to school? Why work? Obama is here! He will give us
all welfare and food stamps! Fucking vultures

shameonjagex says:

im black and this is not embarrassing, because I believe there is only one
race… However… I do see her ignorance…. she probably knows barely
anything about politics and probably is within the ignorant group of black
people, who only voted for obama because hes black.. but another thing that
I notice is that people criticize the way a lot of people type their
comments, what a lot of you don’t understand is that some people didn’t go
to good schools like you did… I know i didn’t. im 17

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